Dress Code

Set out below is the College dress code:

  • Formal Dress/ Skirt* or Trouser suits including blazer
  • A shirt/blouse (for girls)
  • A shirt with collar and sleeves (for boys)
  • A plain cardigan/plain jumper…can be worn with blazers
  • Ties (compulsory for boys)
  • Unbranded shoes that can be polished

* skirts must be formal in nature and knee length

In addition to the dress code, the following will continue to apply:

  • All students are expected to bring a suitable bag into school for carrying books and essential
  • In colder weather an outdoor jacket can be worn (a hoodie is not an outdoor jacket) but must be
    removed in school.
  • Students performing practical subjects e.g. Art or DT will be supplied with aprons. Students may
    change if necessary for subjects like Drama and PE on occasions when formal wear is inappropriate, but
    should return to smart dress for the rest of their school day.

The following items are not acceptable:

  • Trainers including leather trainers
  •  Shorts
  • Short lycra/elasticated skirts
  • Track suits, sports-style jackets, football or rugby shirts, cargo trousers, sweatshirts.
  • Denim
  • Bright hair dye
  • Tattoos (illegal unless over 18)
  • Hats/caps/beanies
  • Leggings
  • Jeans
  • Hoodies


Our College Dress Code Policy can be found here