D&T Product Design

Department: Design and Technology 

Type of Qualification: A Level  

Exam Board: AQA (DT Spec) 

Additional Entry Requirements: 6 in DT (Ideally RMT, Graphics accepted) 5 in Mathematics (and with ideally a 5 in Science) 

Why study Product Design? 

This course gives students practical skills, theoretical knowledge and confidence to succeed in a number of careers, especially those in design-based creative industries as well as engineering.  

Throughout the course they will investigate historical, social, cultural, environmental and economic influences on design and technology, whilst enjoying the opportunity to put their learning into practice by producing products of their choice.   

Students will gain a real understanding of what it means to be a designer, alongside the knowledge and skills sought by higher education and employers. 

Course Content 

Paper 1:  In preparation for this exam, students will develop knowledge and understanding of core technical principles as well as designing and making principles. 

Paper 2: Divided into section A  & B. 

A: Product analysis (30 marks) and  

B: Commercial manufacture (50 marks) 

Note:  Maths/Science content worth 15% of these papers. 

Non-exam assessment: Students select their own substantial design & make project. 

Students will create a coursework folder of work (40x A3 pages) which demonstrates their practical application of technical principles, designing and making principles and specialist knowledge.  The students will also create and test a final prototype which must be photographed throughout. 

Assessment[Text Wrapping Break]A Level: 50% Coursework/ 50% exam(s)  

Paper 1: 2-hour exam paper (120 marks)  

Paper 2: 2-hour exam paper divided into 2 sections (80 marks)  

NEA: Coursework portfolio (100 marks) 

Careers in Product Design 

Product Designer, Architect, Engineer, Production Designer (Theatre/Film/Television), Exhibition Designer, Interior and Spatial Designer, Multimedia specialist, Industrial Designer, Furniture Designer– the list goes on!