Modern Foreign Languages – French/Spanish/Italian


Type of Qualification: A Level  

Exam BoardEdexcel 

Additional Entry RequirementsGrade 6 in the chosen language 

Why study Languages? 

Anyone who is interested in studying languages at degree level either exclusively or as a combined degree with a subject from another discipline.  The ideal candidate is one that aspires to being fluent, can study independently, enjoys studying grammar and is determined to succeed! 

There are many such courses; languages can be studied with Business, Chemistry, Art, Music, History and English to name but a few. 

A language at A level is highly thought of by university admissions tutors. 

Course Content 

  • Edexcel’s GCE in French/Spanish/Italian is designed to develop and assess listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.    
  • Four themes will be studied in Year 1: Evolving Society, Political and Artistic Culture, Immigration & Multiculturalism and Historical events. 
  • Students will study a Film and a Novel in Year 2. 
  • Translation skills from English into the Target language and vice versa will be widely assessed so a grammatical sound knowledge will be needed to succeed. 
  • Students gain a greater understanding of the cultures where the language is spoken. 
  • You will be given the opportunity to speak with a Foreign Language Assistant for 30 minutes every week. 


  • Paper 1: Listening, Reading & Translation into English (40%) 
  • Paper 2: Written response to Film & Book & Translation into Spanish (30%) 
  • Paper 3: Speaking Exam- Spontaneous discussion on a stimulus & Independent Research Project 


Careers in Languages 

Any career within the international world where speaking a foreign language would be beneficial. For example: 

  • Teaching 
  • Business Management 
  • Travel & Tourism Industry 
  • Translation & Interpretation 
  • Organisations where international links are essential