Diverse Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive range of subjects at the College, catering for the needs of many students. Salesian students have the option of studying an A Level curriculum, combining A Levels with BTEC qualifications or studying BTEC qualifications only. For further details of our curriculum offering, please click here. Here you can browse the options available, learn about the course content and confirm the GCSE entry requirements for the subjects you wish to study. It is important to read this document in its entirety before applying as it provides essential information about which courses best suit which students, our regulations on homework, independent study etc. and gives a holistic picture of the kind of learning environment we provide and expect students to abide by.

In Year 12, the students begin their study programme with four qualifications, usually dropping back to three after October half term, once they have received their first assessment results. This process enables students to make an informed choice about the qualifications that they wish to take further.