Physical Education

Department: PE 

Type of Qualification: A Level  

Exam Board: OCR 

Additional Entry Requirements: GCSE Grade 6 in PE and Grade 5 in Biology/Double Science. It is also essential that applicants for PE continue to compete in one sport to a good level. 

Why study Physical Education? 

This course is aimed at students who have a passion for this subject and are clearly interested in the wide range of aspects in PE and Sport. 

Students receive a well-rounded and full introduction to the world of PE, sport and sports science. This complete grounding in the subject provides a fantastic base from which to build when they move on to higher education, employment or further training. 

Most students use this A Level to gain entry to higher education with many of them studying sport related degrees. 

Course Content 

First year  

  • Unit 1: Applied anatomy, exercise physiology and biomechanics. 
  • Unit 2: Skill acquisition, sports psychology and sport and society. 

Second year  

Extensions on from all the topics above plus contemporary issues in physical activity and sport.  This course has a greater emphasis on the theoretical aspects then GCSE level and most teaching is classroom based. 


  • Unit 1: Physiological factors affecting performance (Exam – 30%) 
  • Unit 2: Psychological factors affecting performance (Exam – 20%) 
  • Unit 3: Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport (Exam – 20%) 
  • Unit 4: Performance in physical education (Sport/coaching 20%, Verbal presentation on analysis 10%) 

Careers in Physical Education 

Any career within the sports industry, for example: coaching, PE teaching, physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation, coaching, fitness instructing.