Department: Science 

Type of Qualification: A Level  

Exam Board: Edexcel 

Additional Entry Requirements: Grade 6-6 in GCSE Combined Science OR Grade 6 in GCSE Physics; Grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics. It would be extremely beneficial for students to study A-level Mathematics.

Why study Physics? 

Ambitious students with mathematical minds who are interested in solving problems and understanding how things work. Our students go on to study courses like engineering (civil, mechanical, aeronautical, motorsports), physics, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, product design, sound engineering, architecture, finance and accountancy. 

Course Content 

First Year 

  • Mechanics, Electrical Circuits, Materials, Waves and the Particle Nature of Light, Practical Skills. 

Second Year  

  • Further Mechanics, Electric and Magnetic Fields, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Thermodynamics, Space, Nuclear Radiation, Gravitational Fields, Oscillations, Practical Skills. 


  • Paper 1: Written exam on topics (1 hour 45 mins) (30%) 
  • Paper 2: Written exam on topics (1 hour 45 mins) (30%) 
  • Paper 3: Written exam on topics and practical skills (2 hour 30 mins) (40%) 

Practical endorsement in Physics: This is a separate qualification, for which students must build up a complete portfolio of experimental work throughout the two years. 

Careers in Physics 

Engineering, Pilot, Aeronautics, Medicine, Pharmacy, Geology, Oceanography, Climatology, Economics, Mathematics, Space Science, Music and Film Technology, Acoustics, Science Journalism, Science Education.