DepartmentSocial Sciences 

Type of Qualification: A Level  

Exam BoardAQA 

Additional Entry RequirementsGrade 5 in Mathematics and Grade 6-6 in GCSE Combined Science 

Why study Psychology? 

Anyone interested in why people behave the way they do: Psychological theories and knowledge are based on relevant, accurate research and form the basis for practical applications that affect our lives in all areas of performance, for example in education, childcare, sport, medicine and the workplace.  

Psychology develops skills of numeracy and literacy and combines well with science and arts/humanities subjects. It is considered a science by most degree courses, but not all; individual institutions should be contacted to confirm their position. 

Course Content 

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. 

First year  

  • Introductory topics – Social Influence, Memory and Attachment. 
  • Psychology in Context – Research methods, Approaches and Psychopathology.  

Second year  

  • Biopsychology 
  • Issues and Debates 
  • Issues and options in Psychology – Schizophrenia, Gender, Forensic psychology. 

This subject is assessed by three 2-hour examinations. There is no coursework. 

Careers in Psychology 

Any career involving contact with people e.g. teaching, social work, medicine, business and management. Careers in psychology (requiring further study after A Level) include criminology, occupational psychology, sport psychology, educational psychology, clinical psychology or counselling psychology. It will also support any career that involves high levels of analysis and evaluation.