Active Student Community

A very warm welcome to Salesian College!

As someone who was not necessarily sure where to turn following secondary education, what drew me to the Salesian College was the sense of community and family that permeates all aspects of college life. Although based on Catholic principles, the ethos encouraged by the school: that of inclusion, respect, compassion, and rigour are universally valued characteristics. Such traits are vital not only to future success but also to developing healthy relationships with both yourself and those you encounter.

Compared to nearby colleges, the student body here is relatively small and whilst this unique aspect of life here at Salesian lends itself to the high quality of teaching available, it also adds to the sense of community. Moreover, this core facet of college life is reinforced by the strong links forged between the College and lower school with the opportunity, for instance, to volunteer and help in lessons lower down the school.

Although the College strives for students to achieve their maximum potential academically, there is also an ever-growing focus on the development of the individual. As a member of the Student Committee, I was recently fortunate to be involved in the organisation of the ‘Finding Freedom’ week, which focused on the importance of mental health and of looking after personal well-being. We had the opportunity to learn not only the value of a positive mindset but also how to be proactive in looking after our mental health.

Beyond preparing students for academic success, there is an incredible support system focused on aiding students in the transition to higher education or working life. Besides guidance on the UCAS application process, there are numerous ‘super-curricular’ opportunities -whether that be the chance to attend theatre productions or lectures by guest speakers – that are infinitely helpful in pursuing personal interests or even potential career paths.

If you have any more questions about student life, be sure to explore our Student Bios here.

Ella Cronin
Salesian College Student Committee