Being Salesian

St John Bosco

Don Bosco (pictured left) was a priest in 19th century Turin who, inspired by the work of St Francis de Sales, founded the Salesians to care for the young; today there are hundreds of Salesian orphanages, care homes and schools around the world. Don Bosco famously said “It is not enough for children to be loved; they must know that they are loved. At Salesian School in Chertsey, we strive to live up to his ideal every day.

Don Bosco’s ethos was centred in love, relationships and high expectations of the young people in his care. The success of Salesian school is built on these foundations. A deep love and care for the students, a focus on the quality of the relationships and a strict approach to standards and behaviour.

Building the Kingdom

At Salesian we are committed to the mission of building the kingdom of God from our school, here in Chertsey. This aim is centred in the individual who bears a responsibility for their personal conduct and their treatment of others. With an honesty, integrity and a value system centred in Christ we believe that our students can make this world a better place. Carrying this love and spirit in their hearts students will go on to raise families with similar love, morals and values. By leaving with excellent qualifications they will also assume positions of responsibility from which they can impact positively on the lives of many. It starts here, with the child, the small mustard seed, and flourishes later as the adult who impacts positively and lovingly on the lives of others


Staff and students alike live by four central Salesian principles, summed up in the word RUAH, which is Hebrew for Breath of God, or Spirit. They are:

  • Respect – for oneself, and others, and every opportunity
  • Understanding – a commitment to learning and working well with others
  • Affection – care and love for each other, always
  • Happiness and Humour – Don Bosco loved to make people laugh