Founded 100 years ago, Salesian School Chertsey is an unashamedly Christian school in the Catholic tradition, influenced by the life, example and teaching of our founder St. John Bosco and the spirituality of our Patron and namesake, St. Francis of Sales. Our school community is part of the wider Salesian family of schools in the UK and worldwide.

The school’s motto of “Enlightening minds and uplifting hearts” is appropriate in that the school seeks both academic excellence and a holistic approach to education which places a special emphasis on realising one’s potential as a child of God and fulfilling one’s vocation.

Pupils, students, and staff have numerous opportunities to engage with the spiritual life of the school and thereby nurture their relationship with God and neighbour. Daily lunchtime activities at the school include Mass, Rosary, the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, Adoration & Benediction, Taize-style prayer, Bible study, Lectio Divina, Folk Songs and the sacrament of Reconciliation. A contemporary style Morning Prayer, based on the Divine Office, is prayed every day before school in the Chapel. Please see our spiritual activities for further details.

Twice a year, priests from the local deanery are invited to come to Salesian School Chertsey to assist with the provision of the sacrament of Reconciliation during Advent and Lent. Feast Day Masses are celebrated either as a whole school community or in Year groups, whilst tutees participate in the Eucharist in their Form group.

Provision for the spiritual life and development of the students in Salesian College is provided by the College Chaplain, Fr Kevin O’Donnell. To find out more click here.

The Chaplaincy Team at Salesian School (Guildford Road) consists of Mrs. K Hibbins-Durkin, Ms. I Barnsley and Fr. Marco, all of whom are available for a chat in the recently refurbished Chaplaincy Office now called Bosco’s Base. Empathy, a listening ear and spiritual guidance are offered in a quiet, calming space next to the Chapel of St. Francis of Sales, which continues to be available for prayer and activities both before and after school.

Mindfulness Mondays and Wellbeing Wednesdays

In 2020, the Autumn term has seen additional support made available to promote pupil and student wellbeing at Salesian School Chertsey. Mrs. S Bruney is now our lead in Wellbeing at Salesian, offering guidance and support.

To assist Mrs. Bruney with this objective, Mrs. K Hibbins-Durkin, Ms. I Barnsley and others are offering Mindfulness Mondays and Wellbeing Wednesdays as part of the Salesian Wellbeing Lunch Club provision. These clubs currently take place in the RE block. Activities on offer include opportunities for a quiet chat, a listening ear, board games and mindful colouring.