Theme of the week

Matthew 20:1-16

Building the Kingdom 2020-21

Lighthouses, Anchors & Harbours


The parable in this week’s Gospel tells of workers in a vineyard who get paid the same amount regardless of what time they turned up to start. This, understandably, causes some rumblings amongst those workers who started at the beginning of the day and in fact, it brings out in them the very opposite of our theme this week of generosity; rather a meanness of spirit that resents others for what they have been blessed with.


Once again here, the message is that God’s ways are often different to our own. However, if we think about this parable in terms of God offering his love and forgiveness to people regardless of at what point in their lives they turn to Him, we start to see how the parable actually has some connections to the way we should treat children in a Catholic school. It shouldn’t matter to us at what point a child (or indeed a colleague) decides that they want to change their ways, they should be welcomed with the same loving kindness as the person who had been onside from day one.


Much like our theme of forgiveness last week, it can be difficult to be generous with our love towards some people but if we are to continue moving a bit closer to God on our journey (which is after all the point of Catholic education), then it’s something we need to keep working at, this week and beyond. This generosity of spirit that we demonstrate in our Catholic schools will also be an increasingly important source of light and hope for others at a time when the mood of the nation is in danger of darkening.


Reflections on generosity:

  • Who has shown me generosity in my life?
  • How generous am I with my time, talent, energy, praise and love?
  • Who could I afford to be a bit more generous toward this week?