Theme of the week

Luke 21: 5-19

2019-20: Building the Kingdom, Century 2
Celebrating 100 years of Salesian Education 1919-2019

Jesus tells the disciples that things are going to get very difficult going forward but that they shouldn’t worry because all they will need to get through it is to demonstrate their faith in him. He assures them that as long as they are well practiced in the faith and brave enough to demonstrate it, then he will give them everything they need to endure.


Bearing witness to our faith can be a challenge both because, quite honestly, sometimes we are lacking in it and even when we’ve got it, it might be a personal thing that we don’t really want to talk out loud about. Part of the mission of Catholic schools is to support and encourage young people to be proud and confident witnesses to their faith. Preparing them for GCSEs and A’ levels is easy in comparison to this but, the method is similar – practice makes perfect!


For many youngsters, terminal exams are frightening experiences but we know how to prepare them to overcome their fears and succeed regardless. This week let’s focus on what we can do to help young people prepare to endure through all the challenges that life will throw at them by helping them to practice the faith and become fearless witnesses.


Reflections on bearing witness:

  • What challenges may lay ahead in my life that I think I will find frightening?
  • How might I prepare myself to meet those challenges with confidence?
  • What part might my relationship God play in getting through difficult times?
  • What can I do to gain confidence in talking about my relationship with God?