Theme of the week

Matthew 4:12-23

2019-20: Building the Kingdom, Century 2
Celebrating 100 years of Salesian Education 1919-2019

This week’s  Gospel passage focuses on the start of Jesus’ recruitment drive for disciples. Simon (peter), Andrew, James and John are all called to leave the fishing business and in order to learn from and support Jesus as he sets about his ministry.


All of us working or learning in Catholic schools are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ even if we don’t fully understand what it means or what might be required. There will be few of us who experience a “James & John” type epiphany, where we literally drop everything and devote every aspect of our lives to Jesus Christ – we’re far more likely to get there by a slower, more circuitous route.


On Friday we celebrate Don Bosco’s feast day. Don Bosco knew that the best way to encourage discipleship was as much through reason and loving kindness as it was religion, and ever since the Salesians have advocated a “caught not taught” approach to evangelisation. This method relies on us inspiring young people to vocation by the example we set, by the way we make them feel and by leaving a door open for them to engage with God.


Reflections on following Jesus:

  • Who or what inspired me to do what I do?
  • What example will I set that will lead young people towards their vocation?
  • How will I make others feel this week?
  • Which doors could I open to get to know God a little better?
  • How could I help someone else to appreciate the rewards of discipleship?