Theme of the week

Luke 10: 25-37

2018-19: Carry on building the Kingdom! 

We finish the year with one of the most famous parables from the Gospel. The Good Samaritan would have been seen as the least likely of those passing by to stop and help the man in distress. Not only did he stop to help but he did so completely selflessly despite the fact that there appeared to be no gain for him in doing so.

Acts of authentic Christian, loving kindness such as helping those in distress are the practical steps we can all take every day to building the Kingdom. There is no shortage of opportunities to reach out and help others on a daily basis, no matter who you are, where you are, how busy you are, or indeed what you may already be struggling with personally.

Any decent Catholic school will have already established a culture of selfless help for those in need. The challenge is to ensure that those leaving the community – as some students and staff inevitably do at the end of the academic year – go out and spread this culture wherever they go.

Reflections for the end of the year:

  • What have I achieved that I am proud of this year?
  • How will I stay alert to opportunities to provide selfless aid when I step out into the world?
  • How have I moved closer to God this year?