Theme of the week


Mark 10:17-30

Inspiring Vocations to Build the Kingdom


Jesus has to disappoint a good man in this week’s Gospel. Jesus tells him that, despite all his virtues, if he’s really determined to get to heaven, he should sell everything he owns, give the money to the poor and “come, follow me”. The man in question was wealthy and it seems that this was to be a step too far for him.

Some of us may allow ourselves at times to believe that we live pretty decent, Christian lives, particularly given our shared vocation working in Catholic education. But are we doing enough? Like the man in the Gospel, many of us would struggle with the idea of giving up all our worldly wealth but perhaps we could start by being more generous with some of our other gifts and see where we get to. Small acts of giving, such as being genuinely present for others, being generous with our time or our patience, sharing our humour, goodwill and kindness all make a difference, particularly when we work with young people. Practicing this sort of generosity, pays great dividends and may even lead to us being more generous in other ways as a result of seeing the impact of our actions.

Who knows, if the man in the Gospel, had taken up Jesus’ invitation to “come, follow me”, maybe the challenges and subsequent rewards of leading the Christian life, would have resulted in him doing exactly as Jesus suggested, and offering up all his material wealth as well as giving of himself. Perhaps this is where we should start then, by taking some practical steps to “come, follow me” (and let God worry about how to fit that camel through the eye of the needle).

Reflections on generosity:

  • What small steps could I take this week in terms of acts of generosity?
  • Where do I need to give the best of myself in order to follow Jesus more closely this week?
  • How generous am I prepared to be with my time and effort when it comes to God this week?