Theme of the week

Luke 18: 1-8

2019-20: Building the Kingdom, Century 2
Celebrating 100 years of Salesian Education 1919-2019

The aggrieved widow, in the story Jesus tells this week, finally gets justice through her persistence. She doesn’t give up and she’s not too bothered if she causes a bit of a stink in her pursuit of a righteous outcome.

There are some good messages here for those of us who are committed to building the Kingdom:

  1. Never give up on putting things right
  2. Don’t allow injustice to go unchallenged just because you’re worried about upsetting people (but try to avoid upsetting people where you can!).

The young people in our care will be going out into a world that is still full of injustice, 2,020 years after the Good Lord arrived to let us know what we should be doing about it. As always, our example will inevitably influence them so let’s make sure we are being really determined, dedicated and dogged in our efforts to promote equity and seek justice for all those who deserve better.

Reflections on justice:

  • Where might God want me to act in order to put something right?
  • How determined, dedicated and dogged am I prepared to be to put things right?
  • How much effort am I prepared to put into listening to what God is saying to me (praying)?