Theme of the week

Mark 6:30-34

Building the Kingdom 2020-21

Lighthouses, Anchors & Harbour

This week’s Gospel passage sounds like every teacher’s worst nightmare, Jesus and the apostles head off on a mini break, only to find on arrival that the crowds have not only worked out where they’re going but have managed to get there before them! Jesus being the guy he is, resigns himself to the fact that the holiday won’t be happening and gets on with teaching them. Those of us who have had the experience of turning up at a resort only to find that a family from school are there too are unlikely to have responded like this.


This passage is the prelude to the “Feeding of the 5,000”, so it really was no holiday but the intention was a good one. We know that God wants us to rest; He told us in the 3rd commandment – you must rest on the Sabbath. Given the amount of “holiday” teachers and (most) support staff get, we should be very good at resting but we aren’t always, are we?


Whilst no one will be advocating any “winding down” in the last week of term, once we get to the holiday, it is vital that we rest and do it well. This is easier for some than others but we should certainly rest from our school work even if our domestic lives still keep us busy. Quite apart from the fact that God tells us to, if we are going to be the best versions of ourselves for the children on our return we need to replenish our stocks – physically, emotionally and spiritually. We also need to get out there and live a bit of life so we have some fuel to inspire these young minds on our return; it’s all very well being a subject expert but the life we lead beyond the job is often what influences the way we make children feel, and this is what they’ll remember

Reflections on rest:

  • How will I ensure that I stop and rest this holiday?
  • How will my holiday experience differ from my term time experience and how will this improve me?
  • How will I ensure that I don’t take a break from God during the holiday?