Theme of the week

John 1:35-42

Building the Kingdom 2020-21

Lighthouses, Anchors & Harbour

This week in the Gospel we hear how some of John the Baptist’s followers head off to spend a bit of quality time with Jesus. Even though they have only just met, Jesus demonstrates His usual generosity and invites them to come back and see where He lives. We don’t know what they got up to or talked about but it clearly made a significant impression as these men went on to become disciples of Jesus.


The circumstances of the pandemic have meant that many people have gained significant amounts of time that they wouldn’t normally have had. For some this has been a blessing and for others a real challenge. Those who have appreciated it have probably enjoyed the fact that they have more time to spend with family, or to get a bit fitter, or to learn new skills or just to slow down. Over the last year, the time that people have been able to spend improving relationships, improving themselves and improving the lives of those less fortunate, have all been a real blessing and despite the difficulties faced, in years to come we will look back on certain aspects of this time with fondness.


One of the most rewarding things that we can be using this “gained time for” is to get to know Jesus a little better. He is incredibly generous with His time and is always available for us, all we have to do is stop, find a bit of space and reach out. There are many ways we get in touch, through prayer, quiet reflection, reading or for the more practical amongst us, carrying out acts of loving kindness in His name. Time spent on any of this will be quality time that brings great rewards.


Reflections on quality time:

  • How well am I using my gained time?
  • When I look back in the future, what will I wish I had done more / less of during this time?
  • When and how might I dedicate a bit of quality time to the Lord this week