Theme of the week

Mark 11:1-10

Mark 14:1-15:47

Building the Kingdom 2020-21

Lighthouses, Anchors & Harbour

As we embark on Holy Week, we have two Gospel readings to consider. The first recounts Jesus’ celebrated procession into Jerusalem and the second describes his wretched journey to Golgotha where he is crucified. The mood of the two events, which were only separated by a few days, couldn’t be more different – the crowd who cheered “Hosanna” on Palm Sunday were baying for his blood by Good Friday.

One of the subplots within the story of the Passion is Peter’s denial of Jesus. Despite his protestations to Jesus beforehand and his best intentions, when it comes to the crunch, Peter denies his association with Jesus three times. At first glance this is another depressing feature of the tale of Jesus’ demise but of course, this is not the end of the story. The climax of course comes on Easter Sunday when Jesus rises from the dead which changes everything forever, and Peter goes on to become a key player in establishing the church and the mission to build the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.

Like the resurrection itself, Peter’s story is a great source of hope, particularly for those working and studying in Catholic schools. For all of us who may feel at times that we aren’t living up to expectations or are failing to “make the grade”, the idea that God still has plans for us to make a significant contribution in some, possibly unforeseen way, should provide inspiration to us all to remain faithful, keep going and believe that all will be well in the end. God loves a trier!

Reflections on Easter:

  • Where have I failed to demonstrate faithfulness, commitment or resilience?
  • How will I ensure that I show the best of myself when I next get the opportunity?
  • How will I ensure I find some time for God during Holy Week?
  • How will I embrace Easter and use it as a springboard to start living life to the full this year?