Theme of the week

Matthew 16:13-19

2019-20: Building the Kingdom, Century 2

Celebrating 100 years of Salesian Education 1919-2019

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, the two big hitters of the early church. In the Gospel we hear how Peter is rewarded for his faith by being chosen as the rock on which the church was to be built, the first Pope, entrusted with the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. The ultimate reward!

At the start of their stories, neither Peter nor Paul show much potential for going on to achieve great things. Saul (Paul) is busily persecuting early Christians when we first meet him and Simon (Peter) is forever letting Jesus down with his lack of courage. However both change as a result of their encounters with God. For Paul, this was a sudden, thunderbolt experience that literally stopped him in his tracks but Peter’s growth in faith came about more slowly, from spending a number of years getting to know Jesus.

God continues to make Himself known to some through sudden and dramatic interventions but most of us need to work hard over time in order to appreciate the benefits of a strong faith. Faith is a reward in itself but faith in God brings rewards greater than we can imagine. Regardless of our starting points, God is looking to reward each and every one of us and regardless ofhow unworthy we may feel, we need to remember that God loves a trier!

Those wanting to take practical steps to get to know God better could try some of the following: prayer, serving others, being humble, standing up for people, showing mercy and of course, acting with loving kindness. Even in lockdown, our Catholic school communities gives us plenty of opportunity to do all this.

Reflections on reward:

  • What sort of things do I usually have to do in order to earn a reward?
  • When has my faith in something or someone led me to being rewarded?
  • What practical steps could I take to grow my faith in God by getting to know Him better?


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