Art & Design

Mr R O'Keeffe
Head of Department
Mrs S Hunter
Teacher of Art/SLE
Miss S Brockwell
Teacher of Art
Miss N McKeogh
Teacher of Art/DT
Mrs K Baker
Teacher of Art
Miss E Rietveld
Teacher of Art

The Art department encourages students to master technical skills and to develop their use of media. Students study artistic movements, cultures, and genres to further their understanding and interest in the creative world. Great importance is placed on the student artist as an individual and, as students develop through the key stages, they are encouraged to experiment and take more risks with traditional and digital approaches to creativity. 

Key Stage 3 Art

In KS3 students have 3 lessons over the two-week cycle at Salesian School.

In Year 7 students are introduced to drawing skills. They study colour theory and become familiar with processes and procedures in the Art rooms. They work on an observational drawing project entitled ‘Sweet Things’ which includes introductions to colour work and sculpture.

As they progress through KS3 the students develop different approaches to drawing and mark-making. Experimentation is encouraged but formal disciplines such as colour theory and perspective remain central to teaching.

Students are asked to look in more depth at Art history and current trends, as they take on their final projects of the Key stage. They are given greater freedom to create their own work from their own sources and research, and they are encouraged to work with regard to the AQA GCSE assessment criteria. Projects are designed to make students ready for the transition to project-based GCSE work. Students are encouraged to take their own photographs for inspiration, and they have opportunities to use Photoshop in the development of artwork.

Extra-curricular opportunities include Art club which runs every Monday night, giving KS3 students the opportunity to work with new media. Through the year there are opportunities for students to work with clay.

Key Stage 4 Fine Art

Students develop skills in research and photography as well as in a range of other media during their Fine Art GCSE. They learn to develop their own ideas and express themselves confidently through images, annotating and recording as they progress.

To build up their GCSE coursework in Year 10, students develop their skills in recording observations through traditional media and photography, in a sketchbook, working towards a final conclusion on the theme ‘Still-Life’. They develop their skills in research and observation still further in Year 11 as they work on their ‘Woodland’ project and they experiment with more advanced media, working towards a second final conclusion. Students then respond to a one of a number of tasks set by the exam board, for their final project.

Students learn in class from workshop-style tuition and feedback from our skilled team of teachers. This learning is supported by visits and study of other artists. Individual objectives are set as students develop their own projects in response to artists who really inspire them.

We follow the AQA syllabus. The course is assessed through a portfolio of work produced during the course, and an externally set project completed in school.

KS4 Art Club runs every Tuesday, giving students the opportunity to work with more advanced media and to work in a relaxed, creative environment. The rooms are open for use by students

For more information, see the current GCSE Option Booklet.

Key Stage 4 Photography

In 2019 we are introducing GCSE photography for the first time. This programme will be designed for students who have an existing interest and love for Photography or who see the subject as crucial to their creative pathway. The course will be structured similarly to the Fine Art course, with a great emphasis on mastering the basics of the DSLR camera, composition, lighting, and digital manipulation, using Photoshop and Lightroom.

Students will have the opportunity to work with film and to develop their own individual approaches, based on their own interests, subject matter and research, as they progress through the course.

Progression opportunities

In the Sixth Form, we offer Art A Levels specialising in Fine Art and Photography. You can find out more on our Sixth Form College pages.