At Salesian we ensure that student get a rounded education in personal, social, health and economic education during Key Stage 3.

Students study PSHE once every fortnight during Key Stage 3. Throughout KS3 students will be taught six lessons a year on the concept of ‘Learn to Learn’. This is the idea that learning is a process, which we must intrinsically understand in order for it to be efficient and memorable. This is a concept, which feeds through the years in the build up to revising for exams.

PSHE Curriculum Map


Year 7
Students commence the year by exploring the term ‘growth mind-set’ and the factors which can help and hinder this way of thinking. In the second term, students go onto explore how developing a sense of self and a personal identity, is integral to building positive self-esteem and respect within their professional and personal relationships. In the new year, students are encouraged to explore their responsibilities to themselves and peers, including responsible diet and dealing with growth and change. In the final term students gain a more detailed understanding of politics and also vital First Aid skills.  

Year 8
Students continue to develop their growth mind sets and the science behind the theory. They then begin to develop an understanding of mental health and their own self-image. In the second term, students gain an understanding of risk and safety across a range of contexts and then begin to look at finance, where they will learn the basics of managing money and accounts. Finally, in year 8 students spend a half term discussing current affairs to develop their debating skills and to also raise their awareness of the current and topic headlines.

Year 9
Students begin this year exploring finance in more depth. Students will look at loans, savings accounts and potential costs of higher education. In the second half term students look at career choices and the subjects needed to leave their options open to chosen careers. In the second half term students develop their First Aid skills and also look at the risks and impacts of drug and alcohol use.  In the final term, students begin to gain an understanding into business structures and enterprise. They then have the opportunity to put their learning into practice and develop their own enterprise, considering the risks and rewards of different enterprise ventures.