Mrs R Nagle
Head of Department (7-11)
Mr A Creen
Head of College Department
(Year 12&13)
Miss A Peterkin
2nd in Department
Mrs Z Apostolides
KS4 Maths Lead (Maternity Leave)
Mr O Weedon
KS3 Maths Lead
Mrs A Brown
Teacher of Maths
Mrs C Giltinan
Teacher of Maths
Mr J Griffin
Teacher of Maths
Mr J Kibble
Teacher of Maths/
Executive Headteacher
Mrs G Landon
Teacher of Maths
Mr McCann
Teacher of Maths/Assistant Headteacher
Mr S Munday
Teacher of Maths
Mr A Nguyen
Teacher of Maths
Dr C Okon
Teacher of Maths
Miss S Woodroffe
Teacher of Maths/Interim KS4 Maths Lead/DoE Coordinator

Maths Curriculum Map

The Mathematics Department is a large team of subject specialists working together to put mathematical understanding and problem solving at the heart of the school. 

Key Stage 3 Maths

Students study Maths for 8 lessons per fortnight in Year 7 and 8. At Key Stage 3 we follow a Mastery curriculum which allows students to study topics in depth. This really challenges them to understand ‘why’ as well as ‘how’ key principles exist. Each fortnight students have a dedicated problem-solving lesson where they must apply logic to multi-level problems away from the current topic they are studying. The skills and methods learnt at Key Stage 3 develop students’ confidence and fluency in order to prepare them for a demanding GCSE curriculum. 

Across Key Stage 3 students will study;

  • Number (fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, powers)
  • Algebra (formulae, sequences, graphs, equations)
  • Shape (perimeter, area, volume, co-ordinates, transformations)
  • Data (probability, analysing and representing data, averages)

Students are set from the beginning of Year 7 based on data from primary schools and our own assessments. Setting is reviewed continually throughout and we ensure students are in the best set for their ability.

Extra-curricular opportunities include; a popular PGL Trip to Osmington Bay in Year 7 where students can experience the practical applications of their studies whilst completing a huge range of outdoor activities, the Junior Maths Challenge in Year 8, and Maths Masterclasses held at the University of Surrey.

Key Stage 4 Maths

We begin teaching the GCSE curriculum in Year 9, and across Key Stage 4 students continue to have 8 lessons of Maths per fortnight. Maths is a core subject at GCSE. They will continue to develop the skills and knowledge they have developed at Key Stage 3, working to ever-higher levels of challenge and difficulty. The GCSE curriculum is split into 20 Units which are distributed between the three years. Again, this is divided into key areas, some examples of the topics are shown below:

  • Number (surds, limits of accuracy, repeated percentage change)
  • Algebra (quadratic equations, advanced formulae, iteration)
  • Shape (Pythagoras, trigonometry, loci)
  • Data (Venn diagrams, histograms, cumulative frequency)

Assessment is entirely through examination at the end of Year 11. Students will sit three 1.5 hour exams; one non-calculator and two calculator papers. We follow the Edexcel 1MA1 specification. Students are entered for either Foundation (Grades 5-1) or Higher tier exams (Grades 9-3). This decision is entirely based on where we believe students are individually most likely to gain the highest possible grade and is not finalised until Easter of Year 11.

Extra-curricular opportunities include; the Intermediate Maths Challenge in Year 10, and STEM events linking Maths and Industry run by local businesses. 

Progression Opportunities

Studying Maths at higher level GCSE leads directly to A Levels in Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Maths is an exceptionally popular subject at our College, for more information please see the College pages.