Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs C Mourelle
Head of Department
Mrs I Alvarez
Head of Spanish
Mrs V Da Silva
KS5 French Lead
Miss A Vardapin
KS3&4 French Lead
Ms A Hunter
Italian Subject Lead
Mr P Doyle
Teacher of MFL/Deputy Headteacher
Miss M Amato
Teacher of MFL
Mr D Law
Teacher of MFL
Ms A Maffi
Teacher of MFL
Ms S Milanesi
Teacher of MFL (Maternity Leave)

French Curriculum Map

Italian Curriculum Map – Year 10 – Year 11

Spanish Curriculum Map

People with language skills are highly thought of in the modern world. They stand out as talented, interesting and successful people who are in a stronger position to get a job abroad or within companies with international links.                

Key Stage 3 Languages

Students study both French and Spanish during Years 7 & 8 and then at the end of Year 8 choose to continue studying their preferred language either in French or Spanish in Year 9.  Our main aim is to enable students to communicate in a foreign language in the kind of situations they might find themselves in while travelling abroad. During Key Stage 3, the study of these languages explores the following themes:

  • Everyday Activities (e.g. greetings, school, house and home, clothes, meals, shopping etc.)
  • Personal and Social Life (e.g. introducing yourself, hobbies, family, festivals etc.)
  • The World Around Us (e.g. towns in the chosen country, travelling, holidays, weather, etc.)
  • The International World (e.g. Europe; Spanish and French speaking countries)

Teaching and learning combines written work, comprehension and plenty of spoken language. Parents can help considerably with progress by monitoring the use of our online Active Learn homework platform which reflects the content studied in class and by testing grammatical structures. Students will develop mental agility as this involves being able to use past, present, and future tense structures within a variety of topic areas.

Each unit of study is designed to be both an enjoyable exploration of the richness of culture and linguistic diversity and form preparatory steps towards the GCSE syllabus. 

Key Stage 4 Languages

Students study their chosen language for 6 periods per fortnight during Year 9 and during the GCSE syllabus in Years 10 and 11 if they choose to opt for this as a GCSE. You may choose to study up to two GCSE’s in French, Spanish and Italian as part of an Accelerated GCSE programme, provided you have proven prior experience with the languages you choose.

 Whichever language students take, they will develop their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills throughout the course. Topics of study include Holidays, School, Education & Employment, Free Time, Future plans, your Home town, and the Environment/world issues.

We follow the Edexcel syllabus. The course assesses students ability to Write, Read, Listen and Speak all of which are equally weighted.

Extra-curricular opportunities within the department include:

European Languages Day Euro Bake-Off Competition

Every year we look to take students on trips abroad and offer A Year 7 Day Trip to Boulogne and residential trips to Barcelona and Dieppe.

Our established Spanish Exchange trip between Salesian school, Chertsey and Salesianos Atocha in Madrid has been set up to enhance cultural and linguistic awareness for our GCSE and A level pupils. More recently, we have a Paris Exchange Trip for both Key Stage 4 and 5 French pupils. Students will spend a week in each of their respective host families whilst enjoying plenty of sightseeing opportunities.

Progression opportunities

We offer A Level study of French, Spanish and Italian in our College. You can find out more on our College pages.