NAS Cullum Centre

The NAS Cullum Centre at Salesian School provides educational places within a mainstream school in a specialist resource base for pupils aged 11-16 with autism who would otherwise find it difficult to access mainstream education. We are one of four ASD/ASC resource bases within Surrey Secondary schools which have been established with the help of donations by the Cullum family Trust as joint projects between Surrey LEA and the National Autistic Society (NAS).

At Salesian School, the NAS Cullum Centre is committed to providing a supportive, inclusive, personalised and academically rigorous education to the students who join our community. As much as possible, students will take part in mainstream lessons alongside their peers, with a smaller proportion of their time spent in the centre to access additional resources and support. Students with places here are an integrated part of the school community; the centre is committed to providing as much support as possible within mainstream lessons while encouraging independence. Salesian School will work closely with parents, Surrey SEN and external specialists (including Speech and Language and occupational therapists) to ensure that the needs of each child accessing the centre can be met effectively.

Teaching and support staff are trained in how to meet the needs of students with autism; this training is supported by the NAS and is regularly updated and developed.

Admission to the NAS Cullum Centre at Salesian School

Autism is a spectrum condition which requires a continuum of provision. The centre at Salesian School has been developed to support students with autism who, broadly, will be able to access a GCSE curriculum at Key Stage 4. The centre provides education for young people who require autism-specific provision tailored to meet their individual social, sensory and communication needs; it also provides support to enable them to manage levels of anxiety. These young people are those identified as requiring a modified and structured national curriculum content, with support from specialist staff within a specialist environment.

Places are allocated by Surrey LEA after consideration by a multi-professional team at Surrey’s COIN Forums. Students diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Condition who receive support from a statement/EHCP can be put forward for consideration for specialist provision in Surrey by their case officer or educational psychologist in consultation with parents and primary school. Salesian School will work in partnership with local authorities and parents/carers to assess the suitability of each child for a place in the centre. Case officers will be able to advise parents on the application procedure and timescales for applying for both a specialist and a mainstream placement.

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Rosalind Pool (Head of Centre)
01932 582582