We are committed to giving students a rounded, holistic education at Salesian, but there is no question that academic success plays a crucial role in young people’s long term happiness. Qualifications open doors to further and higher education, and higher grades open up more opportunities. Year on year, we celebrate outstanding academic success with our students.

You can read the complete published performance tables for the school on the DFE website.

GCSE Results 2017/18

We celebrated exceptional GCSE results in August with 87% of children achieving 5 standard passes including English & Maths and 45% of all grades awarded 9-7 (A*-A).

Head of School, Paul Gower said, “These are great results and we are delighted for all our students who have been rewarded for working so hard. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with and they are thoroughly deserving of the success they have achieved. We look forward to them going on to do great things in the future.”

Executive Headteacher, James Kibble added, “The winning combination of hard-working, happy students, supportive families and exceptional staff continues to pay dividends at Salesian and we are thrilled to be celebrating another record-breaking set of results. Despite the added pressure of curriculum and assessment change over recent years, we have learned that when we work together in a supportive, positive and happy school community, the students achieve amazing results. The challenge for them now is to make the most of the opportunities these qualifications afford them and set out to make the world a better place.”

Salesian School is part of the Xavier Catholic Education Trust. Xavier’s CEO, Ani Magill said, “The results that students in the Trust have achieved are truly wonderful across the board. My heartfelt congratulations and thanks to everyone involved at Salesian.”

Headline Figures:
87% 5 standard passes including English and Maths
76% 5 strong passes including English and Maths
45% 9-7
81% 9-5
90% 9-4

Congratulations to Marvin Tchangwa (pictured above) and Ella Shattock both of whom were awarded a clean sweep of Grade 9s. Congratulations also to the following students for their exceptional academic performance, achieving 9 or more Grade 8,9 or A*s; Ella Cronin, Henry Hatch, Roisin McCormick, Ciara Marr, Rachel Fernandes, Ben Stokes, Eloise McEvoy, Jessica Salamone, Joshua Foreman, Joshua Nolan, Mark Broadberry, Patrick Cleary, Alice Manning.

We are also particularly proud of the following students who have made exceptional progress during their time at Salesian; Alix Clancy, Olivia Bogacz, Euan McLeod, Ella Marks, Stephanie Soosaipillai, Sebastian Clack, Luca Field, Alvar Sprott-Lovett, Samuel Worker, Alice Hemmings, Aleksander Squire, Ansa Paul, Ellie Devine, Joel O’Shea, Ria Enriquez, Delroy Pinto, Ellen Farrell.

Our provisional Progress 8 figure of 0.75 means that, on average, each student in every subject, achieved ¾ of a grade higher than they were expected to. This figure places the school comfortably in the top 2-3% of schools nationally.

A Level Results 2017/18

Our Sixth Form College celebrated another excellent set of A Level results in August with 65% of all grades awarded A*, A or B.

Head of College Lizzie Bolton said, “We are absolutely delighted for the students, the vast majority of whom have worked really hard to gain these qualifications. Almost everyone will gain a place at the University of their choice and whilst there have once again been some notable academic successes (see below), we are really proud of all the students who achieved better than expected grades.”

Executive Headteacher, James Kibble added, “Once again the hard work of the students, the tireless support of parents and the dedication of the inspirational staff at Salesian have come together to great effect. Our ambition is to ensure that every student leaving us is best equipped to go out into the world and make it a better place and the results these young people have gained will afford them excellent opportunities to do just that.”

Salesian School and Sixth Form College are part of the Xavier Catholic Education Trust. The school identifies the support of and collaboration within the trust as a significant factor in its success. The trust’s CEO, Ani Magill said, “I’m so proud of all the students within Xavier for achieving such great results. We are very blessed to have such great teachers in both our secondary schools and I would like to pass on my congratulations and thanks to them for all the support they give to all our students; a great day for everyone!”

Headline Figures:
65% A*-B
88% A*-C

Almost every student in this cohort achieved highly but some of the notable academic highlights are:

Jishan Choudhury – Biology A*; Chemistry A*; Maths A*
Julia Da Costa – Biology A*; Chemistry A*; Art A*
Leah Hennessy – Biology A*; Chemistry A*; Maths A*
Grace Murphy – English Literature A*; History A*; Sociology A*
Elisha Duhig – Biology A*; Chemistry A*; Maths A
Morganne Fields – Biology A*; Economics A*; Chemistry A
Theodore Kokubun – Chemistry A*; Maths A*; Physics A
Georgina Schild – English Literature A*; History A*; Music A
Eleanor Smyth – Biology A*; Chemistry A*; Maths A
Tahira Abdul – Biology A*; Chemistry A; Photography A
Nadia Baptista – Maths A*; Further Maths A; History A
Lauren Chambers – Biology A*; Chemistry A; Maths A
Jessica McGrath – English Literature A*; Biology A; Chemistry A
Sasha Purslow – Maths A*; Biology A; Chemistry A
Ella Walsh – Psychology A*; Biology A; Geography A
Martha Garcia Vizuete – French A; History A; Maths A
Alexandra Green – Biology A; Chemistry A; Geography A
Johal Priya – Biology A; Chemistry A; Maths A
Tom Mills – History A; Maths A; Physics A
Lauren Rice – Business Studies A; Economics A; Geography A
Ethan Sherry – Biology A; Chemistry A; Maths A
Faith Stevens – Geography A; Sociology A; ICT Technical Distinction