Lockdown Home Learning


Please find below details and resources to help your child structure their day and minimise the disruption to their learning over the coming weeks.

We hope that this microsite provides you with further clarity on what we can and cannot provide for your child during this exceptional time. We fully appreciate how challenging this is going to be for all families. We understand that for many, juggling work, childcare and now facilitating education is going to be extremely difficult. We know that you may well be dealing with sick or vulnerable relatives, you may be sick yourself and on top of this, you may have serious financial concerns. We would implore you to do all you can to support your child in continuing to access education to the absolute best of yours and their ability; routine and a sense of purpose are going to be incredibly important over the coming weeks and months.

We are all in this together, however we must be realistic. Family comes first for everyone, including our own staff. Please be considerate of that and follow the guidance set out for you below.

What is the latest government guidance for schools?

  • The government has released the following guidance for parents and carers on the plans to open schools and education establishments from 1 June. Click here for full details of the guidance given to schools.

What is the guidance on PPE?

  • Wearing a face covering or face mask in schools or other education settings is not recommended for the vast majority. Click here for full details of the guidance to schools.

How will you keep my child safe if they return to school?

  • As always, we will do our best to keep your child safe and minimise the risks. Further details about what this will look like will be made available to you in due course once we have a better idea of the number of children who might be in school. However, it is important that you understand, no matter how few children there are in school, it is just not possible to guarantee social distancing.
  • In order for us to be able to make any return to school as safe as possible for all students and staff, it is essential that if anyone in a household is showing symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19) that they stay at home. Click here for full government guidance.

What we can’t do

  • We cannot provide a school away from school – nothing simulates a lesson like the ‘real thing’. Relationships are a huge part of our learning environments here and goes a long way to helping the students achieve their full potential
  • We cannot effectively teach students new content remotely – the majority of work provided will be either independent or project based learning covering content that has already been taught, or that does not require the input of a teacher.
  • We are expecting Year 11 and 13 students to continue as though their exams were happening in the summer – this is the best way to support them in preparing for College or University next year.

Why should we keep up a ‘school-like’ routine at home?

Keeping a daily routine, maintaining some form of exercise, and making time for reading all have significant benefits to mental health and well-being. We would strongly encourage you to set up and stick to a daily schedule, and where possible, work alongside your child. For example, if you are working from home then set up a desk where you can both work independently, but together. The sooner you implement a schedule, the better. Where possible we’d also like to encourage you to insist on some device free time to ensure your child is maintaining the very best of habits. Whilst our young people are working remotely social media poses a great risk that we should all be aware of. On our Facebook / Twitter pages you will find guidance about keeping your child safe online.

The following is meant to provide you with a brief idea of the amount of time we would advise your child to spend on various activities each day:

Year 7 – 9:

  • Breakfast
  • Schoolwork set by teachers
  • Break
  • Schoolwork set by teachers
  • Lunch
  • Schoolwork set by teachers
  • Exercise
  • Reading/Personal Project

Year 10:

  • Breakfast
  • Schoolwork set by teachers
  • Break
  • Schoolwork set by teachers
  • Lunch
  • Schoolwork set by teachers
  • Exercise
  • Reading/Personal Project

Year 11:

  • From 20th April, Year 11s should continue to complete work that will help them to acquire knowledge and understanding that will support them in their ongoing studies but other than that, there is no need for them to complete any more of the set work unless they feel that they particularly want to. 

Year 12:

  • Given that the vast majority are only studying 3 subjects we are not prescribing a specific timetable but we are advising that they should be spending a minimum of 8 hours studying each of their subjects per week. This should equate to roughly 5 hours study per day.
  • Year 12 students will also be asked to submit work for assessment on a regular basis via Show My Homework.

Year 13:

Prior to Friday 1st May teachers will inform students if there is any work to complete.

  •  From Monday 4th May, teachers will be setting relevant preparatory assignments for those intending to go on to higher education and there will be careers advice and support for those students who are going into the world of work or indeed who are still undecided about their next steps.
  • Further information will follow.

Linked below are some timetables that you might like to download and either use or amend as necessary. Alternatively, your child might prefer to follow their normal school timetable.

Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9) Timetable

Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11) Timetable

How will work be set for my child if school closes?

Staff will set work online through Show My Homework which your child can access on their electronic devices at home and by logging on at www.satchelone.com 

Due to the volume of work set, students must log in to see the correct work set. Students have been reissued with their login details in this eventuality. Should you need another copy of their login details please contact info@salesian.surrey.sch.uk 

All communication between staff and students will be via their school email accounts. Every week departments will upload work for the week ahead.

Will my child be expected to learn the curriculum themselves?

No. Realistically we cannot effectively teach students new content remotely. However, where there is new content for students to learn remotely, provision will be made upon their return to school to recap what has been covered.

Will my child be given feedback on their work?

Where possible, during normal school hours staff will be available to communicate with students should it be required either individually and collectively via their school email accounts. With project based work we are particularly keen to celebrate their efforts upon their return to school.

What if school is closed for a very long period of time?

We firmly believe it is important that all students are supported and encouraged to keep up their studies but appreciate that this will become increasingly challenging, the longer the period out of school is. The best way to maintain it in the medium to long term is to introduce a daily schedule from day one so that this becomes your family’s ‘new normal’.

We are continually reviewing the situation and will provide updates for parents and students, as and when the guidance we are being given by the government changes.

How can I motivate my child?

The truth is, it is going to be very difficult. However, if they produce a truly brilliant piece of work, please encourage them to email it to their Form Tutor or subject teacher and their Head of Year so that we can see the great work they are doing and praise them.

 I am worried about my child’s mental health, what can I do?

Regrettably we cannot provide direct pastoral support when we have no opportunity to see your child face-to-face – we have to be realistic and much as we would like to support directly, we cannot promise the usual high standards of pastoral care at this challenging time and most importantly, we don’t want to make any promises that circumstance dictates we cannot keep. For this reason, we have put together the Pastoral Support page on this site – please make this your first port of call. As many of you are aware we try to encourage students and parents alike to stick to the ‘healthy mind’ platter and now more than ever it will be important to ensure your child’s daily routine covers each of the areas displayed below.

Our family have suffered significant bereavement, what should we do?

If your close family is affected by bereavement and you would like to make this known to us so that we are aware of your family situation, please contact the Executive Headteacher & Head of School directly via email, the contacts details of which can be found on our Contacts page. Please also see resources on the Bereavement Support page.

 My child has special educational needs, how will they be supported?

If your child has an EHCP then we will have contacted you directly to find out whether you would like to continue sending your child into school each day.

For all other students with special educational needs, the learning support department are working hard on modifying the subject work being set for the students – they will do their best to do this so that your child can access the work. However, if your child is struggling to access certain pieces of work, please email learningsupport@salesian.surrey.sch.uk

As I am sure you will appreciate, it is not easy to support the students remotely and at times, due to personal circumstances, they may not be available to do this. Your child will need additional support from you or another adult / older sibling so that they can access some of the work.