Family Activities & Wellbeing

Finding time to support each other and do things together will be invaluable for all the family. The importance of positive, face-to-face interactions cannot be underestimated.

Things that you might consider doing as a family…

  • Read together and discuss what you are reading (see reading section)
  • Support your child with a Personal Interest Projects – maybe even do your own!
  • Talk with your child about the work they have been set on Show My Homework
  • Exercise together! (see exercise section)
  • Write quizzes together and do them as a family (your son/daughter will show you how to make a kahoot!)
  • Play a board game together (chat as you do it – it isn’t about the board game…)
  • Play a computer game together (don’t worry if you aren’t any good at computer games – just do it together and be ready to laugh at yourself!)
  • Cook together! Jamie Oliver has some great tips and recipes you could try.

How can I help my child socialise with their friends?

It is vital that you follow all the guidance, which currently is asking us to isolate ourselves as much as we possibly can. We would urge you to support this guidance and stop your child from going out with their friends or having friends over – we must work together to beat this virus but most importantly we must protect the NHS.

But, social time is also really important for your child as it will help promote positive wellbeing and mental health. Help your child to organise time each day when they can hang out virtually with their friends – FaceTime, WhatsApp video calls, House PartyZoom are all examples of how they can use technology to stay in touch with their friends. Please make time to help them set these up so that you can ensure they are safe online.

Emotional Wellbeing & Coronavirus Information Resources

A list of emotional wellbeing and coronavirus information resources for children and young people can be found here.

Mindfulness Mondays and Wellbeing Wednesdays

In 2020, the Autumn term has seen additional support made available to promote pupil and student wellbeing at Salesian School Chertsey. Mrs. S Bruney is now our lead in Wellbeing at Salesian, offering guidance and support.

To assist Mrs. Bruney with this objective, Mrs. K Hibbins-Durkin, Ms. I Barnsley and others are offering Mindfulness Mondays and Wellbeing Wednesdays as part of the Salesian Wellbeing Lunch Club provision. These clubs currently take place in the RE block. Activities on offer include opportunities for a quiet chat, a listening ear, board games and mindful colouring.