Data provided by the government has proven that reading daily strongly improves a child’s literacy level (click here). Reading is a vital skill that needs nurturing and practising over a lifetime. As a minimum we would strongly advise you to get your children reading for 30-60 minutes each day. Even more important than the reading itself, is the discussion and debate that can follow – this is where the learning really happens.

We believe that reading is something that families can enjoy engaging in together and as a result learn from each other. Setting aside time each day to do this as a family will help your child to develop their comprehension, discussion and reasoning skills.

The whole family can read an article, short story, chapter of a book for 30-60 minutes and then, spend a further half an hour discussing what you’ve all read – it is through these interactions that their skills will develop, and so too will their love of reading.

Try asking some simple questions to start a discussion:

  • What was the article/story about?
  • Who was your favourite character? Why?
  • What do you think happens next?
  • How do you think person X was feeling when Y happened?

If you know your child struggles with reading, then getting them to read out loud will help them to develop their skills and their confidence, as long as you are patient with them. If they struggle to answer some simple questions about the text they have read, then try and break it down into small chunks and talk through it a section at a time.

Here’s some links with great reading material you can easily find on Amazon.

Here’s a few links to websites where you can access some good quality, free reading materials: