A sincere welcome to all our ex-students and staff. We would like to reinforce a sense of lifelong membership and facilitate the development of strong long-term relationships.  We would like you to get in touch with us if you are a former student to tell us where you are in the world and what has happened in your life since leaving school. 

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The benefits of maintaining contact with former students are almost countless, but when it comes to alumni relations we have not historically been able to provide anything tangible. Leaving school can be tough and part of our investment is to provide the very best student experience possible.  As our alumni, you provide a wealth of knowledge, and breadth of expertise within various industries and we very much hope that we can take advantage of any opportunities, or time that you may be able to offer.  We would like our current students to hear about your experiences and helpful tips.  To find out more about how you can help, please read our ‘join our network‘ page and complete this form.


  • Chris Moore

    Former Student attended 2001-2008

    My fondest memory: Making lifelong friends.

    Short bio: I work as a sports television producer for Sunset+Vine, an independent production company, who among other things, produce football, rugby and cricket for BT Sport. I work predominately on the Premier League and Europa League, producing live matches and magazine shows. When not working on football matches, I try to get to as many Tottenham games as I can.

  • Jennie Palmer

    Former Student attended 1997-2004

    My fondest memory: Friends, teachers, travelling between sites, 4 lessons a day, early finish on Wednesday. Short bio: Working full time since leaving university where I studied English & Media to obtain a broad qualification. I was able to grow and develop within a small organisation; starting as an office assistant, moving into project admin then management gaining confidence along the way.  In 2011 I realised my interest in marketing and studied for a professional qualification leading to a career in marketing and ultimately British Gas, where I have flourished for the past 5 years. I moved to Chertsey in 2014, married Alex in 2016 and I am currently enjoying time with my 6-month old son, Isaac. 

  • Pamela Leach

    Former Student attended 1993-1998

    My fondest memory: All the friends we made.

    Short bio: I now work as the laboratory manager at the award-winning Stallion AI Services in Whitchurch. We are one of the biggest equine semen collection, storage and distribution centres in Europe. We work alongside Zoos to preserve endangered species, pioneer new technologies including equine semen sexing and work with the Rare Breed Survival Trust to add more bloodlines to their gene bank. 

  • Hannah Clark

    Former Student attended 1987-1994 / Former Drama Teacher at Salesian

    My fondest memory: Dance and Creative Arts Teacher. 

    Short bio: Drama teacher with QTS. Primary and Secondary teaching experience, part-time Drama school Director and Learning Support Teacher. 

  • Emma Read (Bolton)

    Former Student attended 1986-1993

    My fondest memory: Mufti Day in Chertsey! 

    Short bio: I went to University and trained to be a teacher. I’ve been teaching for 22 years now in the same school! I’m married with two girls.

  • Patrick Chimes

    Former student attended 1970-1972

    My fondest memory: Fr JohnEnglish teacher, who regaled us with stories about hiking, the history teacher who talked about the life of Ivan the Terrible (even though our exams were on the Tudors and Stuarts), and the art classes in marquetry.   I enjoyed sports days, the dances (I do remember who I danced with – ha) and the enthusiasm of the fathers and brothers who didn’t mind kicking a ball with us after school.

    Short bio: I live in Texas, I am 62 – my wife and I have three (grown) boys.  I am an electronics engineer and work for NASA on the International Space Station Program in the television and photography department.   I have been to Russia a few times for work and vacations – in my 40’s I was given an opportunity at work to learn Russian.  A spark from those history classes back then – made me take that on.  Now I have Russian friends – including cosmonauts. 


  • Tom Lewthwaite

    Former student attended 2006 - 2011

    My fondest memory: Meeting great people that will be life long friends and memories that we will cherish forever.

    Short bio: After realising early on that I wasn’t much of an academic, I found a passion for creating videos and went on to study Film Production. At University, I worked on several productions including; Greg Davis’ Man Down, Call the Midwife, Goodbye Christopher Robyn and various other works. Having now finished University, I have gone on to set up my own video production company ‘Bright Production House’, producing a range of videos such as corporate, promotional and music videos. Relatively new into my journey of running a business, I have the people at Salesian to thank for their support and helping kickstart my business’ development.