Duke of Edinburgh

By completing Bronze Duke of Edinburgh in Year 9 and/or Silver in Year 10  you will be opening up a whole host of opportunities and wealth of experience which will carry you forward into GCSE and beyond. You might find a love for walking, hiking, and camping, and develop skills which will be invaluable. DofE consists of four parts which will take 1 year to complete. 

You must complete the following for an hour a week for either 3 or 6 months.

  • Service – the chance to volunteer in your local community, helping those who are less fortunate than yourself. You can work in an old people’s homes, charity shops or even helping coach at your local sports teams. The sense of achievement is fantastic and it will ignite a passion for helping others.
  • Skill – The chance to learn something new, which is a privilege; the opportunity to learn another language, a musical instrument or even a life skill such as cooking. This section of the award will give you the chance to practice a new skill and see yourself improving. This not only provides a sense of fulfillment and achievement but also gives you lifelong skills which you can use for UCAS applications and your CV.
  • Physical – The chance to let off some steam through sport and physical activity. Here you can either perfect and develop a current sport you play or take up the challenge of something new. This section of the award keeps you fit, strong and allows you to develop skills of teamwork and leadership.
  • Expedition – This is the section of the award which most people will associate with D of E, and it’s the fun bit!! You will take part in a 2 day and 1-night practice expedition and then the same will be done for a qualifying. You will have training sessions in school on navigation, map reading, camp craft and how to light a camping stove, so you are fully prepared for the expeditions. These weekends are the chance to get out into the countryside and show how you can lead a team, navigate and be self-sufficient and have a real sense of achievement having achieved something really awesome.

Completing DofE as a whole is an invaluable experience. You will learn so much about yourself and how to overcome challenge whilst having a lot of fun. Importantly, it will add value to any UCAS application and CV, so it is definitely another offering here at Salesian that will enrich your time at school.