At Salesian, we know how important it is that parents are well aware of their children’s performance and progress. In our experience, the most successful students are always encouraged by supportive, fully informed parents.

Teachers use ‘assessment for learning’ as part of their daily teaching practice: always evaluating their students’ understanding and adapting their teaching to suit specific needs. At least once per term this process is formalised with a ‘Grade Collection’, resulting in reports usually being sent home three times* per year. These reports are also stored on our Parent App My Ed.
(* This may be reduced in Years 11 and 13, as end-of-year grades are reported in August when external exam results are published.)

The following information is recorded and reported home:


  • Rate of progress: Whether teachers believe the student is on target to exceed, reach, or fall short of the progress expected of a typical student at that stage of their education, based on teacher experience.
  • Attitude to Learning in all subjects
  • Quality and punctuality of homework in all subjects
  • Attendance and Punctuality

GCSE/A Level

  • Target: The grade which the student ought to be able to achieve at the end of the course, based on prior performance.
  • A “current attainment” grade:A measure of the standard of work students are achieving at the time of the grade collection. This could be based on formal exams, or on assessment of work recently completed in lessons.
  • Predicted Grade: An assessment by the subject teacher of the grade likely to be achieved at the end of the course if the current standard of work and effort is maintained.
  • Attitude to Learning in all subjects
  • Quality and punctuality of homework in all subjects (Years 10 & 11)
  • Levels of independence in their studies (Sixth form)
  • Attendance and Punctuality

In addition, we feed back to parents in person in the following ways:

  • One parent consultation evening each year: an opportunity to meet with each of your children’s teachers to discuss their progress.
  • Information evenings for parents in Years 7 (Welcome), 9 (Options), 10 (Maximising Success), 11 (Exam Preparation) and 12 (Options).
  • Individual meetings with Heads of Year, Heads of Department or members of the Leadership Team. We are always happy to meet with parents who have questions or concerns.