The House System

  • Savio

    Feast Day – 6th May

    Dominic Savio was one of Don Bosco’s Oratory boys. Don Bosco’s mother said he had an especially good heart, and Pope Pius XI called him a ‘towering giant in spirit’ after he died aged just 14. He was canonised in 1954.

  • Rinaldi

    Feast Day – 5th December

    Phillip Rinaldi joined the Salesians aged 22. He was humble, fatherly and innovative, becoming the fourth leader of the order in 1922. His commitment to caring for the world led to the formation of the ‘Volunteers of Don Bosco’.

  • Rua

    Feast Day – 29th October

    Don Michael Rua began as one of Don Bosco’s Oratory boys. He was known for his fatherliness and succeeded Don Bosco as leader of the Salesians, helping the order to spread to 33 countries.

  • Zatti

    Feast Day – 15th March

    Blessed Artimide Zatti joined the Salesians in Argentina in his teens. He caught tuberculosis while nursing a priest and was cured after praying to Mary Help of Christians. He dedicated the rest of his life to caring for the sick.

  • Mazzarello

    Feast Day – 14th May

    Mary Mazzarello co-founded the Salesian Sisters, officially known as ‘The Daughters of Mary Help of Christians’ with Don Bosco in 1872. Remembered for her cheerful spirit and willingness to help others, even at a cost to herself.

Students are divided into one of five Salesian Houses when they join the school.  Each house is named after a Salesian Saint and an important part of the school calendar is celebrating the Feast Days of such Saints. 

The House System forms an integral part of day to day life in the school including the collection of House points and regular inter-House competitions and activities. Every year the overall winning House is crowned Champion and the students in this House are rewarded with a celebration trip.

House points are the way in which Salesian School recognises achievement in all aspect of school life. Students can be awarded house points:

  • for academic performance and effort
  • for extra-curricular activities
  • for good deeds, being helpful and fundraising
  • or at the discretion of their Tutor, Teacher, Head of Year or Head of House

House Points are celebrated in assemblies by Heads of House and Heads of Year, by a rewards trip in the summer term for individuals with the most House points and the winning House is named at Sports Day in the summer term with a House Rewards Trip out the following term.