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In PE our aim is to help students to build knowledge, skills and confidence to be active for a lifetime. We have a thorough and varied curriculum that allows students to follow themes of activities which have transferrable skills across key stage 3 and 4. We also look to help to build the vital life skills such as team work, communication, problem solving and resilience that will be of so much benefit to students in life beyond Salesian. We also offer a comprehensive co-curricular programme where students can further explore activities and should they wish to, enjoy the competition element within the Woking District.

Key Stages 3, 4 & 5 Curriculum

Throughout Key Stage 3 pupils will learn the master the key skills associated with physical activities. Across the three years students may have the chance to repeat activities to build on those skills and move into developing decision making and strategy. By year 9 we hope to give pupils opportunities to develop their leadership skills, explore different roles within a PE setting and start to take more ownership over their learning.

In Key Stage 4 we aim to develop understanding through as much game play as possible. In creative activities we give students more ownership over the direction of their performances and seek to further encourage independence. We also focus on the benefits of physical activity to health and fitness. Should students have keener interest in PE we offer both the OCR GCSE and Cambridge National qualifications.

At Key Stage 5 we offer OCR A Level and BTEC Sport Level 3 and both have led many of our past students into careers in the sport and leisure industry, as well as a few PE teachers, some of whom have returned! In addition, on a Wednesday afternoon, students are offered a range of activities for Enrichment. These are very much recreational and with a focus on developing relationships, sportsmanship and enjoyment.