In Religious Education we aim to develop the fundamental principles which underpin the study of religion. We aim for all students within our care to become; literate in, and articulate in discussing: spiritual, ethical, and social issues. This is often done through the lens of Catholic Christianity, however we also undertake the study of other world faiths at a variety of different points. As a Catholic Christian school our Department also aims to support the extensive religious life and the significant work of the Chaplaincy.

Key Stages 3, 4 & 5 Curriculum

Throughout Key Stage 3 students follow a curriculum which studies a broad range of topics and religious concepts. Following the Religious Education Curriculum directory all students at Key Stage 3 will study topics such as: Ethical Topics, Christian beliefs, Church history, and Relationships Education. In addition, students will also study the world faith of Judaism, Islam, and Dharmic Religions. Through studying a rigorous and broad curriculum at Key Stage 3 students will hopefully develop mastery skills such as learning about and from religion, expressing understanding of core beliefs, and evaluating the impact that beliefs have upon believers.

In Key Stage 4 students study AQA GCSE route B. This includes the in-depth study of Catholic Christian beliefs and practices which is studied in Year 10. In Year 11 students study the ethical themes of; Peace and Conflict, and Marriage and the Family from a Christian perspective, whilst also looking at the range of views in the UK today. Students in Year 11 also study the beliefs and practices of Judaism.

For A Level the department offers AQA Religious Studies (Philosophy and Ethics). In this students study three strands of; Philosophy of Religion, Religious Ethics, and Christianity across the two years. They also look at the dialogue or relationship between the Christian faith and ethical and philosophical ideas.

For Core RE, students at the college complete an EPQ on a religious or ethical theme in Year 12, and they study topics relevant for our modern world in Year 13 include; social justice, environmental ethics, and conspiracy theories.