Salesian recoginsed as a ‘World Class School’ along with only 16 others secondary schools nationally

Last academic year, Salesian School Chertsey was presented with the opportunity to exemplify how we are not only an outstanding school, but a World Class school.

The World Class Schools Quality Mark recognises schools around the globe that demonstrate qualities that are above and beyond normal schooling standards, surpassing Ofsted’s grading system.

During this process, six students: Rhea O’Sullivan (Year 13), Nicola Rice (Year 11), Olivia Woods (Year 11), Ama Asamoah-Owusu (Year 10), Brent Oba (Year 9) and Jaden Hanson (Year 8) were assessed against a tough criteria. We were required to film and edit a video showing how and where Salesian demonstrates World Class qualities. After a week of gaining and editing footage, three students were invited to an assessment day at UTC Reading.

Here, we were required to join with two other schools and produce a design for a modern, eco-friendly classroom to present to a panel of judges. We spent the day eagerly researching sustainable classrooms and implementing our research into a brochure, 3D model, online classroom plan and final presentation. We were even allocated a budget and specific roles – making it quite like an episode of The Apprentice!

Overall, this process pushed us to our limits and gave us a new-found respect for everyone involved in the designing of classrooms!

By Olivia Woods and Nicola Rice

Click here to read the World Class Schools’ Press Release.