Continual Professional Development

In partnership with SJB Teaching School, we offer an array of courses for continual professional development. If you would like to find out more or register an interest in any of the below courses please contact Louisa Taylor


A 4-week course for teachers at all stages of their careers. The course will enable teachers to rapidly build coaching skills that can be used for managing in a teaching environment, for supporting and developing others and also for personal development.

The course will cover:
  • Knowing & understanding the difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Understanding how to apply the grow model to coaching
  • Knowing how to listen actively
  • Practical strategies for coaching 

Early Career Development

The ECD Course is a practical learning programme for second-year teachers and is designed to be a supportive ‘bridge’ course between the NQT year and taking on extra responsibilities. It aims to provide the next step for teachers who have secured their own classroom practice and are now thinking of the next step.

The course is comprised of the following sessions:

  • Finding direction – Departmental & Pastoral (5 June 2019)
  • Finding direction – L&T and Training (12 June 2019)
  • Leadership profiling (19 June 2019)
  • Strategies for writing an exceptional letter of application and interview techniques (26 June 2019) 
  • Next Steps, professional learning conversations (10th July 2019)

The course aims to consolidate skills gained during your NQT year and provide you with specific training to help you identify and develop the areas and skills needed for the path you want your career to take.  Further training can have a noticeable impact on professional development yet is often not given once QTS standard has been met.

Developing Middle Leaders

Identify what it means to be an outstanding middle leader and explore ways in which you can have maximum impact as a middle leader in a Primary or Secondary school.
The course is comprised of the following sessions:  
  • Effective middle leadership 
  • Getting the best out of people
  • Maximising the impact of data 
  • Dealing with difficult issues
  • Managing change & bringing people with you 

Improving Progress in Maths, English, Science or Computing

These subject-specific conferences will explore a range of strategies to improve GCSE outcomes.

Subject Knowledge Enhance for Non Specialists teaching in Business Studies, Computing, DT, Geography or History

This conference is designed to improve subject knowledge for non-specialists, additionally improve understanding of pedagogy for relevant subjects alongside common misconceptions.

Outstanding Learning and Teaching

This one day conference will enable participants to clearly define what outstanding teaching looks and provide them with a range of strategies to improve the quality of teaching and learning.