Future Teaching Scholars

Are you an exceptional Maths or Physics student and thinking about teaching? If so the Future Teaching Scholars programme is worth considering.

Every Future Teaching Scholar will share some values and beliefs with their fellow scholars. We are looking for people who are exceptional students in their subject area and passionate about their subject; people who enjoy a challenge and can demonstrate a commitment to sharing their passion and knowledge with others; people who believe that they have the power to change lives – people who can make young minds explode into life! There are a limited number of spaces available on the Future Teaching Scholars Programme, apply as soon as possible to stand the best chance of getting your place.

To be eligible for the Future Teaching Scholars programme, you must meet the following criteria before commencing study on your undergraduate course.

  • Evidence right to study and work in the UK for the 6 years of the programme’s duration
  • C or higher in GCSE English Language
  • B or higher in GCSE Maths
  • B or higher in GCSE Science (only if you intend to study and teach Physics)
  • B or higher in A Level Maths
  • B or higher in A Level Physics (only if you intend to study and teach Physics)
  • Available to attend the National Conference on 6th-7th September 2018
  • Accept an offer from an English university to study an approved course on a full-time basis over no longer than 3 years, starting in Autumn 2018

Equivalent qualifications to GCSEs and A Levels will be considered. Please check the government’s list of qualification levels for acceptable equivalents (GCSE equivalent Level 2, A Level equivalent Level 3).

The Future Teaching Scholars programme is an exciting new and challenging route into teaching. It is a 6 year, full-time programme which comprises:

  • Years 1-3 Undergraduate study (£5,000 grant at the start of each academic year)
  • Year 4 Postgraduate employment-based teacher training (Paid on the unqualified teacher scale)
  • Year 5-6 Employed as a maths or physics teacher (Paid on the qualified teacher scale)

Before Scholar’s join the programme, they must sign a Funding Deed which commits them to the programme. Becoming a Scholars on the Future Teaching Scholars programme is a big commitment and has limited places, so we would recommend that you understand the programme and the commitments of a Scholar before applying. 

When Scholars join the Future Teaching Scholars programme, they are allocated to their nearest Regional Training Centre (RTC), who are outstanding Teaching Schools which coordinate all of the subject-specific and teacher development opportunities in a given area. RTCs host Regional Training Days and support sessions, as well as work with the Scholars to schedule placements in their wider Teaching Alliance schools. During the 6 year programme you will experience teaching in a wide variety of schools, including some which are more challenging.

In your initial teacher training year (year 4), you will have access to an online portal which will advertise job vacancies nationally. You will also be allocated a job broker who will notify you of vacancies more specific to your requested criteria. Scholars are not restricted to where they can accept a teaching role, except for the school must be secondary state-funded and in England.

The activities, events and development opportunities available throughout the Future Teaching Scholars programme are designed to give you a great start in your career as an outstanding and inspiring teacher of maths or physics. In under 10 years, you might be designing your school’s physics curriculum or leading the professional development of maths teachers for a cluster of secondary schools, or maybe a maths or physics education researcher.