Work Experience

One of our main aims at Salesian College is to prepare students for the world of work. We therefore expect all Year 12 students to organise a week’s worth of Work Experience in June each year.

Whilst this is now a nationally compulsory requirement for students’ time at college, we also believe it offers a number of benefits to the lives of young adults aged 16-18: it raises awareness and understanding of the world of work; helps to inform decisions about future career paths; and, develops personal & social skills.

All students are encouraged to think carefully about the type of Work Experience they would like to undertake and how it will benefit their future career aspirations. This is done through their Tutor Group activities, and the support of their Tutors and Head of Year. Students are also encouraged to see this as a way to try and discern whether a particular type of career is what they can see themselves doing; whether that be the work, the hours, the people, the commute – anything that type of job might entail.

The organisation of these placements is firmly the responsibility of the students. The college can offer support to coach and offer ideas, but it will always come back to it being the students’ responsibility for their placements.

In order to confirm their placements, students need to have their prospective placements complete the Pre-Placement Check List and Employer Agreement and return to Ms Long. We legally require these forms as the college has a duty of care for students during work experience week. We also need to have proof that the placement not only follows Health & Safety protocols, as well as holding Employer’s Liability and Public Liability insurance. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that this information is correct as we will be using this to contact placements in the lead up to and during the week – particularly for staff visits. The dates of this year’s Work Experience is Monday 20th– Friday 24th June 2022.

Additionally, we sometimes allow students to take an additional period of time for work experience outside of their main week in June. This is very much on an individual basis, where the same paperwork needs submitting, and the time off being agreed to by the Head of Year.

If you have any queries regarding Work Experience in general or your child’s placement in particular, please do not hesitate to contact the Head of Year 12- Ms Rosana Long – or by telephone on 01932 578 673.