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How To Apply

Year 7 Entry – September 2024

Application to the school is by the completion and submission of two forms:

The school’s Supplementary Information Form is downloadable here and is also available from the School Office. It must be returned to the school office by 20th October 2023. The CAF should ideally be returned to the relevant authority by 21st October 2022 but applications will be accepted up to 31st October 2023.

Please note that for September 2023 our PAN is 280. This is inclusive of ALL EHCP admissions.

  1. Children with a Statement/EHCP are admitted under a separate procedure in accordance with the Code of Practice. Please contact Tina Wright for more details
  2. Admissions to the Cullum Centre are dealt with by Ros Pool
  3. For College admissions please click here.

Open Mornings & Evenings

School Tours for this year have now finished.

Please note that we do not offer private tours of the school.


In Year Admissions

For application for admission during the school year please contact Laura Botha, Admissions Officer on 01932 582544 or

For In-Year Admission, all applications should be made directly to the school by downloading and completing the In Year SMA Transfer Form and Supplementary Information Form below.  Once completed, please return both forms to the attention of the Admissions Officer at Salesian School.

In-Year Admissions GuidanceIn-Year SMA Guidance NotesIn-Year SMA Transfer Form 2023-2024In-Year Supplementary Information 2023-2024