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Building Consultation

Consultation on 6th Form Expansion

A public consultation on expansion is now open 

From Friday 9th December 2022 to Monday 23rd January 2023, Salesian School is running a formal consultation with relevant stakeholders and the community to explore the possible expansion of the existing Sixth Form.  

The increase in the 16-18 demographic locally, based upon the numbers of students already in local schools and projected data provided by DfE and Surrey County Council, shows that in future year, the College may have to review its entrance criteria or reject a significant number of qualified applicants, unless it is able to expand the College estate to create additional places for students.  

The basis for the consultation is a proposal to expand Salesian Sixth Form to add a further 50-70 places per year, increasing the capacity of the Sixth Form to 500 from September rising to 540 from September 2026. The increase in capacity would require a newly built extension creating 10 additional classrooms. This extension already has planning permission and we have applied for funding through a Post-16 Capacity Fund application. It is not anticipated that we will need to make change to our current admissions policy at this time. 

The consultation seeks to:  

  • Understand what stakeholders feel about the proposal to expand the existing Sixth Form. 
  • Provide an opportunity for respondents to share comments and questions about the proposals.

Please click on the following links to download a copy of our consultation and our response form.

How to give your views                        

There are several ways to give us your views on this proposal: 

  • By filling in the response form and sending to Salesian School. 
  • Alternatively, you may hand your response form in at either the School or College reception.  All written responses need to be received by midnight on 23rd January. 
  • By completing the online form via the this link  
  • By emailing  

What happens after the consultation process? 


  1. 4-week consultation with stakeholders including parents/carers 
  2. Consultation closes at midnight on 23rd January 2023 
  3. The Local Governing Body considers consultation feedback 
  4. Approval from Regional Schools Director sought 
  5. 16- 19 Capacity Fund bid to provide capital investment is reviewed 
  6. The College implements proposed change (if approved and capital funding awarded)