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In music we want to foster students’ love of listening, playing and composing music, in both familiar and unfamiliar genres, to give all students a chance to be a musician and to create a love of music that is lifelong.

Key Stages 3, 4 & 5 Curriculum

By the end of Year 7 student should understand basic rhythmic notation, treble clef notation and experience performing as an individual and as an ensemble. They will develop skills on the keyboard including correct use of fingers and West African Drumming. Year 7 will have sung as part of a choir and sung in at least a 2-part harmony.

By the end of Year 9 students will be able to play the keyboard with two hands and will be able to recognise treble clef and bass clef notation. They will have developed basic ukulele skills including strumming and picking. They will have learned how to use Sibelius and Soundtrap software. Year 9 will have composed individually and as part of a group.

By the end of Year 11 students will be confident performers on their chosen instrument and have performed live in a variety of settings. They will have composed stand-alone pieces in their chosen style and be able to confidently appraise a variety of genres. We study Eduqas GCSE.

By the end of Year 13 students will begin to take more ownership of their learning and practice. They will act as role models for other students lower down in the school and support co-curricular opportunities for younger students. We study AQA A Level.