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Our aim is to develop technical skills, appreciation of movements and theories in Photography and Art and Design, and confidence in the use of lens-based and digital media. We want our young photographers to grow in independence, ready to explore new ways of creating and willing to take artistic risks.

Students must understand the value of research as a basis for their own work and appreciate the relevance of Photographic and Art and Design skills to modern creative industries.

Key Stages 4 & 5 Curriculum

Our KS4 Photography course consists of three projects. The first two are based loosely on ‘Still-Life’ and ‘Natural Form’. The final project is an externally set study. Students develop work and ideas based on their own interests, subject matter, and artistic decisions. They study the triangle of exposure and lighting. Young Photographers are also encouraged to experiment with a wide range of lens-based, artistic and digital media, and to take risks in development stages of projects. Students review, modify and refine their work as they create increasingly personal outcomes.

The first months of the KS5 programme sees students working to develop an advanced understanding of the triangle of exposure. They work with a range of cameras and techniques, and they are challenged with new media and ways of thinking. Teaching begins with a workshop and tutorial style programme, before students begin to address more personal topics in their creative work. Eventually students settle on their own major areas of discovery, as they undertake their ‘Personal Investigation’. Students are equipped to carry forward their own self-set projects, which form the major component of their coursework.